About Us

Can chili change your life?

This question may seem silly to some, but I can safely say that chili is indeed mine
has changed lives. To the positive.
It all started with delicious sauces that I made in my baguetteria in the early 2000s
Mallorca as a basis for juicy rolls. While some liked it sweet, others
hearty, there was also a group that craved a hot sauce. So I started making different
trying out chili varieties I know like Jalapeño, Piri-Piri or Habanero.
A friend brought me a plant to cultivate in my garden. That's how I got one
Rocoto, whose red fruits tasted super hot, but also very fruity. Now was my interest
awakened and since I had a very large garden, I planted more chili varieties. out of it
has now become a passion. In my inventory there are over 300 varieties that I cherish
and care. I take care of a single-variety stock of seeds, dry the fruits, grind some up
Chili powder or make delicious hot sauces and chutneys out of it. Since there are more than 1000 types of chili
worldwide, there is still a lot of room for improvement here.

Who supports us at chili-planet.es?

Since we grow our chili plants on the mainland and on Mallorca, we have many helping hands. But the main responsibility lies with me, Peter and my wife Ute. The carefully selected, organically certified tree nurseries support us in the spring with the cultivation of many varieties. From April we will plant the seedlings together with the helpers, and in late summer and autumn they will actively support us in harvesting and planting the fruit.

It's not enough just to pick the hot fruit. First, the cores are carefully removed. Of course with all protective measures such as mask, gloves and safety goggles as well as protective clothing, because the little beasts burn the skin and can cause violent fits of coughing when inhaled.

The seedless pulp is then placed in a drying machine or oven where it is gently dried. Part of the pulp is offered as dried fruit, another part is ground into powder. Selected fresh fruits are used for our delicious sauces.