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Heat 3 | aromatic fruity

Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds

Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds

10 chili seeds

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  • mild
  • aromatic fruity

HEAT LEVEL: 3 / mild

Scoville: 2,000 - 3,000 SHU
These chilies are mild


  • The seeds of the Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds have a germination time of 7 - 14 days .
  • The plant is 50 - 80 cm and bushy
  • Under good conditions, the yield of the plant is middle .


Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds Fruits ripen from green to dark red and will be something like 4 - 6 cm large.

TASTE: aromatic fruity

Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds Pods have a aromatic fruity taste.

We are of course aware that taste is a subjective matter. This is just our personal assessment.


  • Fruit heat level: 3
  • Scoville Units: 2,000 - 3,000 SHU
  • Capsicum: Capsicum Capsicum annuum
  • Origin of the variety: Czech Republic
  • Vendor: Chiliplanet S.L. - Spanien
  • Plant Height: 50 - 80 cm
  • Plant Width: bushy
  • Germination time: 7 - 14 days
  • Fruit color: dark red
  • Fruit size: 4 - 6 cm

This information is for guidance and, with the exception of the manufacturer's information, without danger.

Czechoslovakian Black: The fascinating play of colours from the East

An eye-catcher in every garden

Czechoslovakian Black, often simply referred to as Czech Black, is a variety of chili that attracts attention in every garden or on every balcony. With its unique purple to almost black leaves, flowers and shoots, it gives any environment a mysterious and exotic touch. But it's not just their external appearance that impresses: their juicy and sweet fruits with a short ripening time make it possible to harvest even twice a year.

From the balcony to the kitchen: an all-rounder in culinary delights

The Czechoslovakian Black impresses not only with its appearance, but also with its taste. Its thick-fleshed fruit, which changes from an impressive black to green to a rich dark red as it ripens, is a highlight in every kitchen. Whether freshly prepared in salsas and sauces or dried and processed into an aromatic black chili powder - this type of chili offers a wide range of culinary options and enchants with its taste.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Capsicum : Capsicum annuum
  • Heat :   3
  • Scoville units: 2,000 - 3,000 SHU
  • Fruit size : 4 - 6 cm
  • Fruit colour : From green to black to dark red
  • Growth height: 50 - 80 cm
  • Country of origin : Czech Republic
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Chilis richtig anbauen

How are Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds chillies grown correctly?

Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds need a warm place with temperatures between 18 and 27 degrees or more. Chillies love the sun, but...

Schädlinge bei Chilis

Diseases & pests in Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds chillies

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Rezepte mit Chilis

Recipes with Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds chili

Czechoslovakian Black - 10 chili seeds can be ground, dried, peppered or made into a sauce for a unique flavor all year round. They can also be used fresh to give a special kick to various dishes.

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